• Sole Proprietorship – Is it right for me?

    By: Serge Filatov Many people here in San Jose and Silicon Valley have a dream of starting their own small business. Small business owners that are just starting out often come to me and ask if they can simply run their business as a sole proprietor to save on the cost of forming and maintaining […]

  • New California Law Allows Finders To Help With Start-up Financing

    By: Robert Hawn In representing start-up companies in Silicon Valley I have found that one of the biggest challenges facing founders is raising early stage capital. Emerging growth companies often do not have the necessary relationships that can lead to investment funding. To find these relationships, the company may retain a finder. A finder is […]

  • We Are Not Going There! The Limits of Waivers in Loan Guaranties

    By: Jack Easterbrook Question: if a person signs a loan guaranty and it contains a long waiver section in which the signer gives up defenses (and the guaranties all have these sections, right?), is the guaranty still enforceable if the lender breaches the loan agreement? That is, can the lender claim that the guarantor is […]

  • Loans With High Rates of Interest – Be Careful About Usury

    By: Serge Filatov As a corporate attorney here in Silicon Vall ey and San Jose, I have numerous clients who need help documenting loan transactions and promissory notes . These clients may be taking on debt or providing a loan to a third party. One area of law that clients are not always familiar with […]