• Oh No! I don’t own what I thought I did – saving your deal when you are the infringer

    By: Robert Hawn, Esq. As a business lawyer to many technology start-ups in Northern California, I work with software companies to assist them in licensing their code to OEMs and end users. When providing code to large company licensors, the licensing agreements are often extensively negotiated, particularly when it comes to determining what happens if […]

  • Online Agreements: Size Matters!

    By: Robert Hawn, Esq. I recently had the opportunity to speak on a panel at the State Bar of California Annual Meeting to discuss doing business online. As a technology lawyer practicing in the San Francisco Bay Area, I constantly advise clients on their online activities. One of the most common issues is creating terms […]

  • I’m So Happy – Keeping the Peace With IP Infringement Clauses

    By: Robert V. Hawn, Esq. Many technology companies generate their revenue by providing their technology, often in the form of software, to customers through licenses, subscriptions, or software as a service platform. As a technology lawyer practicing in Silicon Valley, I work with a number of companies which actively distribute their technology though licensing deals. […]

  • Dealing with the Unknown – How Does Indemnification Get Triggered and What Happens Next

    By: Robert Hawn As a start-up lawyer in Silicon Valley, I work with a number of companies that generate revenue through licensing their intellectual property, or access to it. In creating and negotiating licensing agreements, my client, as the licensor, often wants to describe what will happen if someone claiming better rights to the technology […]

  • Creatively Covering Customers’ Catastrophes: Cover THIS!

    By: Robert Hawn As a San Jose corporate lawyer, many of our clients make their money through software licenses. As part of their deals, a number of risks have to be allocated. As explained in my blog posted on May 18 [ Creatively Covering Customers Catastrophes: The Exciting World of IP Infringement Indemnification ], one […]

  • Crowdfunding: Are you the Right Investor?

    If you have always wanted to invest in a start-up business , whether a high tech emerging growth company or a low tech products company, you have no doubt heard of the new SEC rules allowing crowdfunding. Part of the excitement comes from being able to make investment opportunities available through crowdfunding internet portals, and […]

  • Crowdfunding – Is this the deal for you?

    By: Robert Hawn If you are an emerging growth high technology start-up , or a closely-held small business, you’ve heard of crowdfunding. Crowdfunding is commonly used to describe an approach to fund raising over the internet, often characterized by small investment amounts by large numbers of people. Recently, the Securities and Exchange Commission enacted its […]

  • Creatively Covering Customers Catastrophes: The Exciting World of IP Infringement Indemnification

    By: Robert Hawn As a business attorney in Silicon Valley practicing in our firm’s office in San Jose, I spend a lot of time creating license agreements for our licensor clients. In creating and negotiating licenses, a number of risks need to be allocated. One of the most important of these goes by the fancy […]

  • The Hardware of Technology Laws in Silicon Valley [INFOGRAPHIC]

    The world of technology has changed rapidly in recent years, with many of the most exciting innovations coming right from Silicon Valley. As technology changes, so too do the laws that govern the technology industry. If you’re considering starting a new company, you’ll need a startup lawyer in San Jose to guide you through the […]