Employment Law in San Jose

employment laws San JoseWhether you are starting a business, or have been successfully running a business for decades, employment questions always come up. The attorneys at Strategy Law, LLP focus on providing business owners with practical and proactive employment law advice and counseling to try to prevent employee claims and other employment disputes. We work with entrepreneurs every step of the way, from the initial EDD filing when your business is formed, to creating offer letters, equity incentive plans, executive employment agreements, confidentiality and inventions assignment agreements, employee handbooks, employee evaluation forms, employee performance improvement plans, and severance agreements. Our lawyers will look at the facts and circumstances with you to determine whether a worker should be classified as an independent contractor or as an employee, and draft an independent contractor agreement if appropriate.

Our equity incentive plans include creative thinking to avoid giving away a portion of your company unless it is strategically appropriate. We step back and look at the big picture with you to plan for each worker’s role in what your business looks like today, what it will look like, and what your exit strategy will be. When it is right for your business, we draft phantom stock plans, incentive stock option plans, non-statutory stock option plans, stock option agreements, restricted stock agreements and bonus plans.

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